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UPDATE Dark Matter and other darknet markets now has POW enabled to defend against ddos attacks. Make sure your tor browser is updated with the latest version to access the market. The market may take longer to load initially while POW establishes a connection, please be patient and if you do not pass the verification page after 45 seconds press the refresh button.

What is Dark Matter Market?

Since the launch of Dark Matter Market over 2 years ago in July 2022 it has quickly risen to become one of the top markets in terms of users and security.

Dark Matter Market is the first market to utilize XMR Monero Multi Sig. Dark Matter Market are the only market to have successfully implemented such a feature, meaning not only is your XMR untraceable it is also guaranteed to be safe from exit scam or theft if utilized correctly. While XMR Multi Sig is not a new feature, it was previously very difficult for most people to understand and use correctly, but the Dark Matter Market team created a simple user friendly and open source way to use it effectively.

Dark Matter Market is committed to becoming the most secure and advanced DNM of its time. The core values of Dark Matter are centered around security, anonymity, and promoting awareness through education.

Dark Matter Market Features!

Dark Matter Market leads the way in security by introducing the first-ever darknet market to provide 2/3 XMR Multi-Sig. Previously seen as too intricate for the average user, Dark Matter has seamlessly incorporated this advanced payment method into a user-friendly web client. With this feature, users can now benefit from the anonymity of XMR paired with the added security of Multi Sig. Dark Matter Market prioritizes anonymity by using XMR for transactions in order to avoid the risks of blockchain analysis associated with BTC and other cryptocurrencies. Users who prioritize total anonymity on the darknet can now make purchases without creating an account, thanks to Dark Matter's account-less purchasing option. This allows them to order products without leaving any potential footprint behind.

Dark Matter is dedicated to education with a fully integrated education system, Dark Matter Academy. Beginners can gain knowledge in various subjects such as PGP, purchasing Monero, and utilizing Multi Sig all in one marketplace.

Key Features:

- XMR MultiSig
- Coded from scratch and audited.
- XMPP/Telegram bots
- Education platform
- Harm reduction
- Walletless - Users do not have to deposit to a wallet before ordering.
- Accountless - Users do not have to create an account to order.

Payment Methods!

Dark Matter market exclusively accepts payments in Monero (XMR) cryptocurrency, offering heightened privacy for users. Unlike other markets, Dark Matter operates without the need for wallets. Users can make purchases without having to deposit funds beforehand, eliminating the need to keep coins on the market. Additionally, certain listings on Dark Matter offer multisig options for added security.

Academy Section!

The initial tutorial provides instruction on utilizing PGP (Pretty Good Privacy), covering key tasks such as generating PGP keypairs, encrypting and decrypting messages, signing messages, verifying messages, and backing up PGP keys.
The subsequent tutorial delves into Multisig, offering insights on the XMR Multisignature workflow, recommended tools, creating and completing MultiSig wallets, manual transaction generation, and signing and transmitting transactions.

Using Dark Matter Market!

The search interface on Dark matter is quite standard, with options for country of origin, destination country, escrow, multisig, and FE (Finalize Early) availability. Users can sort results by vendor reputation, price, or quantity available. Alternatively, users can browse through categories located on the left side of the website.

Upon signing up, Dark Matter Market issues a unique mnemonic code to aid in account recovery if necessary. It is crucial to securely store this code as it cannot be recreated. The code consists of carefully chosen words and phrases from the dictionary, making it specific to each individual account.

In order to maximize security, all users must create a 6-digit PIN when they register. Additionally, Dark Matter Dark Web Market offers a two-factor authentication (2FA) feature to add an extra level of security. This ensures that only verified users can log in to their accounts. The 2FA system requires users to decrypt a PGP-signed message before gaining access, providing an additional safeguard against hackers who may have obtained the user's password.

The PGP key utilized by Dark Matter Darknet Market utilizes a distinctive encryption algorithm to create a digital signature for every account. This allows only verified accounts to access the market, guaranteeing that unauthorized individuals cannot log in even if they discover the password, as they would need to decrypt the PGP-signed message displayed on the login page first.

How Safe Is Dark Matter Market?

Dark Matter Market receives the highest security rating possible 100/100. The use of Mutil Sig XMR ensures that your funds are safe from scams and seizures while your transactions remain untraceable. Dark Matter Markets accountless features and pgp encryption ensure your safety when making orders.

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